Few Believers in "Kim's Loving Harvest" Propaganda

Kang Mi Jin  |  2014-02-13 15:18

Since late last year, North Korean state propaganda has been framing a bumper autumn harvest as one of Kim Jong Euns personal achievements, rather than the fortunate outcome of favorable weather conditions across much of Asia. However, the official view has been greeted with incredulity in many quarters.

The authorities have been pushing the fact that last years farming went well in some areas as the fruit of Kim Jong Euns love for the people, a source from North Hamkyung Province reported to Daily NK on the 12th. But you wont find a single person who sees it that way.  

Furthermore, There are frequent farming encouragement lectures during peoples unit and Democratic Womens Union meetings, and in most of them we get told that Last year was a great year because we farmed in accordance with the instructions of General Kim Jong Eun. They also emphasize the need to work hard to accomplish in full all the tasks proposed in this years New Years Address. But we all know it was down to good weather, and would love to hear what it was that the General contributed.

While everyone in rural areas is aware that we had an abnormally good year, we also know that compost production and the other vital agricultural preparations were much the same as ever, the source recalled. People are saying that a bumper harvest year must match the weather and the skies must be good if we want another good harvest. Its indirect criticism of the official propaganda.

[Kim Jong Eun] has been giving out onsite guidance to army units, construction sites and army fisheries, but weve never seen him on a farm, she added. People simply snort at the notion that his love for the people resulted in a good harvest. No one seriously believes that a good harvest can be the result of his leadership.

People really do seem unimpressed with Kim Jong Eun right now, and specifically since the aunts husband [Jang Song Taek] was executed, the source controversially alleged. Though they cannot speak of it freely, it is obvious in their actions and words that they dont believe in him.

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