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First Time in 56 Years, South-North Korea Trains Depart

2007-05-18 23:52
[imText1]For the first time in 56 years, a North Korean train crossed the Korean truce line, arriving at Jejin station, South Korea.

The railroad connecting the two countries, the East Sea line ceased operations at the brink of the Korean War in 1950. On May 17th, this 56 year gap was broken with a North Korean departing Geumgangsan Station at 11.30AM, passing through Gamho Station and the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) at 25.5km to arrive at the South Koreas Jejin Station at 12.20PM.

The North Korean train displayed a plank which read, "North-South Railroad Test Operations 2007.5.17." The train displayed a noticeable sign which read, "A train embarked by our Dear Leader Kim Il Sung."

The North Korean train consisted of 6 carriages including 1 cockpit, 1 engine room and 4 passenger carriages where 100 South Koreans and 50 North Korean passengers awaited.

The train returned to North Korea re-crossing the MDL at 3.30PM.

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