Prisoners Using Community Toilet

Ahn Hyok, Former Detention Settlement Prisoner  |  2006-02-27 14:35
All prisoners in the detention settlement use community toilets. In the mornings, it is common to find scores of prisoners waiting is a ling queue. In addition, because there is no toilet paper, they make do with dry leaves of corn, pumpkin, and other plants. When dry leaves are not available, some prisoners carry a round stone as a makeshift toilet paper.

The shelters for the families here are made of earthen walls with poor roofs. Because the walls and floor are earth, dust flies everywhere when the inhabitants move around in the room. The floor is normally covered with straw or mats of dry plants. The roofs have not been repaired for many years and are so rotten that they look like they will fall down any minute, with holes here and there. There is a poorly equipped kitchen for cooking, with a primitive fireplace. There is one electric bulb in the ceiling between the kitchen and the living room, the only electric bulb in the ceiling between the kitchen and the living room, the only electrical facility in the living room stays cold throughout the year. The family members must keep warm by embracing each other when sleeping.

This is why cement is one of the most valued items here. Whenever they can, they like to steal a handful of cement to repair holes in their shelter.
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