Anti-Regime Printed Matter Revealed

Lee Beom Ki and Lee Seok Young  |  2011-03-23 16:21
[imText1]Changchun, China -- An inside source has reported that a large amount of printed matter criticizing the third generation succession and Kim family has been distributed in Pyongsung, and that the authorities are working to bring the situation under control.

The source from South Pyongan Province explained, "A disturbance has been created by a one-page flyer criticizing the third generation succession and more than 60 copies of a booklet about Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il which were distributed in front of Pyongsung station at the beginning of this month."

"National Security Agency and Peoples Safety Ministry agents are gathering the chairpersons of people's units to tell them that people who see the flyers and leaflets must report it, emphasizing cultivating the ideology of the people," the source added.
However, he said the official investigation has not met with success. A joint investigation headquarters has been set up in Pyongsung and inspectors are in the process of trying to collect the critical materials; however, allegedly only a small number have been found. The source explained that this is because, "Those who have seen them are hiding them out of fear of the consequences."

According to inside sources, such materials are increasingly appearing in places where large groups of people regularly gather, such as in marketplaces. Newly-formed riot squads are actively trying to deal with the issue, while the authorities are clamping down on activities along the border, working on the basis that the materials are being produced in China and smuggled in.

Meanwhile, The Daily NK has also exclusively obtained a recordable CD which shows modern South Korea in the middle of a movie, two booklets and an A4 flyer which states, The Kim family third generation succession is the road to ruin," all of which were allegedly distributed in a Hyesan market, apartment block and DVD store last year.

The inside North Korean source who sent the materials to South Korea explained, "A good number of them were distributed in Hyesan last year, so I kept them. I am sending them now as surveillance has been alleviated somewhat."

The flyer, which is A4 size, was apparently distributed by a group calling itself Central Committee for the Building of a New Society and contains fierce criticism of North Korea's third generation succession.

An official with South Korean intelligence who reviewed the materials commented, "These enter North Korea by a different route to the flyers or digital discs sent in suspended from balloons by private South Korean organizations."

The flyer begins, "Kim Jong Il, an old man with few days left to live due to a stroke and complications, is making a frantic effort to pass power down to his youngest son Kim Jong Eun, who is 26 years old this year."

It continues, using Kim Jong Ils name to represent the troubled history of the whole nation, "It is bitter enough that that this country has been turned into a living hell by 65 years of Kim Jong Ils incompetent, iron fisted rule; however, scheming to bring to fruition the third generation royal hereditary succession to a child, Kim Jong Eun, by giving him an important title is intolerable."

Also, it appealed to readers, "Kim Jong Eun, who has no experience, is planning to rule this country through several people close to him, including Kim Kyung Hee, Jang Sung Taek and Choi Ryong Hae. We, the people! We cannot leave the fate of this country and its people to an incompetent child any longer. Let's wage a patriotic struggle against the third generation royal succession!"

Meanwhile, the first of the small booklets (7cm x 10cm, 107 pages) introduces the Kim Jong Il family line, including his wives and companions. It also provides other information which North Korea refuses to release, like the secrets of Kim's birth.

In the other booklet which focuses on Kim Jong Eun, it takes note of his family line, individuals like Kim Ok, Kim Kyung Hee and Jang Sung Taek, and includes photos of him during his study in a public school in Bern, Switzerland. It also includes analysis such as Prospects for Kim Jong Eun's Succession Composition and The Reason Why Kim Jong Eun Cannot Be the Successor.

The video, meanwhile, is nominally of two South Korean movies; 'Marine Boy' and 'Crossing', which is itself about life in rural North Korea; and the Sylvester Stalone movie, 'Rambo'; however, in the middle of the movie it shows images of people skiing at Pyeongchang in South Koreas Gangwon Province and a video clip of a night view of the ski resort.

The source said also that since the flyers were distributed by an organization calling itself 'Central Committee for the Building of a New Society'; the rumor that an organization in opposition to Kim Jong Il is secretly acting in North Korea went around at the time.

The source commented, "People in the market talked about how many wives and children Kim Jong Il has and asked also about their names. Some people even said, 'I think that we have been cheated'."

Yang Se Il, who left that area of North Korea in August, 2010 explained the atmosphere at that time, saying, "That rumor was very popular in the market. Due to the pamphlet with the blue cover, we were summoned so often. This is the kind of thing only a person living comfortably would do. Otherwise, who would report other people? People said that the person who does the reporting is the weirder one."

According to the source, inspectors at the time called the incident, Rube, and called for people who had seen the video or had a copy of the pamphlet to turn themselves in. During the investigation, inspectors gathered citizens, referring to the booklet as the pamphlet with the blue cover since if they called it a pamphlet about the hidden past of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, that in itself would have promoted it.

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