Special Police Squads Organized under PSM

Jung Kwon Ho  |  2010-05-25 17:21
Shenyang, China -- The North Korean authorities appear to be moving to strengthen regulations against residents at a time when military tensions are gradually rising. According to sources, special police squads have been formed in each province under the People’s Safety Ministry (PSM) to take action to block out information on foreign countries and root out anti-regime suspects.

A source from Shinuiju reported on Tuesday, “The special police squads consist of some 300 agents in each provincial office of the Peoples’ Safety Ministry. Their purpose is to crack down on offenders against the regime and its system.”

Such activities have traditionally been the responsibility of the National Security Agency (NSA), whereas the People’s Safety Ministry has normally focused on finding common criminals and persons who break North Korea’s “anti-socialist” conventions.

Therefore, the launch of the special police squads seems to be part of a trend toward strengthening the PSM’s authority after it was promoted to “Ministry” status earlier in the year.

The Shinuiju source said, “Pyongyang is trying to enhance the position of the People’s Safety Ministry. They will now deal with usage of cell phones in the border region, circulation of foreign video clips, spreading of leaflets, denouncements of the authorities and other anti-regime offenses.”

Bearing in mind the Cheonan incident, there is a possibility that the North Korean authorities are preparing for confrontation following the impending re-launch of South Korean psychological warfare.

North Korea has already said it will attack the broadcasting facilities if South Korea follows through on its promise to restart the broadcasts.

According to the source, this latest measure implies that the situation in North Korean society is unstable. He explained how the reputation of Kim Jong Il has been damaged, saying, “In an event to welcome Kim Jong Il back home, people whispered among themselves, ‘He tiptoed here and there in secret and made an exhibition of himself,’ or, ‘I wish he had not come back.’”

Meanwhile, North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity (NKIS) reported today, “On the 20th when the announcement of the results of the Cheonan incident investigation were revealed, Oh Keuk Ryul, the Vice-chairman of the National Defense Commission stated on the Third Broadcast, cable radio for North Korean residents, ‘Chairman Kim Jong Il has ordered the entire army, the People’s Safety Ministry, the National Security Agency, Worker and Peasant Red Guard and the Young Red Guard to move to a war footing.’”

It added, “To Pyongyang and neighboring cities, a decree from the Central Committee of the Party has been handed down demanding that rallies be organized entitled “Retaliation for enemy retaliation, total war for enemy’s total war!”
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진달래 민주혁명... 생각만해도 가슴이 뜨겁습니다. 끝까지 함께 가겠습니다.!!    | Edit | X 


북한에서 '진달래 혁명' 이 계속될수 있기를 꼭 성공하기를 빕니다.
daily NK의 계속적인 발전은 뜻을 함께 하는 많은 사람들의 눈이요 귀가 될 것입니다. 계속적으로 고생하세요.. 개편된 집이 너무 깔끔하고 좋아보이네요...    | Edit | X 


북한민주화...븍한인민의 희망!! 하루빨리 북한에 민주주의가 확산되기를 바랍니다^^    | Edit | X 


동방의 예루살렘은 평양을 가리켜 일컬어진 별칭입니다. 그만큼 뜨겁던 기도와 찬송, 부흥회...가장 신실한 목사님들을 많이 배출했던 평양신학교...다시금 모든 우상과 거짓과 슬픔은 찬란히 떠오르는 아침 햇살에 안개처럼 사라지고, 신실한 믿음의 청년들이 일어나 온세계를 향해 복음 들고 나아갈 거룩하고 아름다운 성도 평양으로 재건될 것입니다. 우리 모두 소망을 품고 사랑을 가지고 믿음으로 전진합시다!    | Edit | X 


1907년은 동방의 예루살렘이라 불릴만큼 뜨거웠던 성령 대부흥 운동이 일어났던 세계 기독교역사에서도 획기적인 해입니다. 옛날 홍해바다를 가르시고 출애굽 구원을 이루는 동시에 사악한 바로의 군대를 몽땅 홍해바다에 수장시키신 것처럼, 2007년엔 성령의 기적적인 권능이 100년만에 다시 일어날 것입니다. 하나님은 마침내 조선인민들을 구원해주시고 사악한 죄악을 몽땅 쓸어버리실 것입니다. 마침내 2007년을 기해서 온 겨레가 그리스도의 사랑안에서 서로 화목하고 평화적으로 교류, 교통, 교제,결혼하며 진정한 평화롭고 사랑이 넘치는 하나가 되어 나갈 것입니다. (이사야서 49장) 할렐루야!!! 너희의 믿음대로 될지어다!!! 아멘!!!    | Edit | X 

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