Anti-election Graffiti around Pyongang Province

Bona Kim, Intern  |  2009-04-14 18:03
Investigation is going on in South Pyongan Province regarding numbers of posters along with the pictures of the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) candidates that were reportedly vandalized and some “anti-election” graffiti that were found in Mundeok, South Pyongan Province reported the 13th edition of “North Korea In & Out,” a biweekly newsletter issued by the Network for North Korean Democracy and Human Rights (NKnet).

The “North Korea In & Out” also reported that the North Korean government ordered “All middle school graduates except those who are planning to go college to be enlisted in the army.” It is due to diminishing number of enlistees in the Chosun (North Korea) People’s Army. It is reported that middle school sixth graders (17 years old) are to be graduated seven months earlier in August and are to be enlisted in the army.

Other News in the NKnet’s newsletter reported that mobile phones are officially in use around Pyongyang and suburban areas. The party officials and workers of munitions factories are however prohibited from using mobile phones. The available mobile phones are sold from 210 dollars to 230 dollars. There is a monthly charge of 2,500 North Korean won with seven free minutes per day for the first month then there is additional monthly charge of 8,000 won. The mobile phones are not available for international phone calls although may be used for long distance calls within Pyongyang and South Pyongan Provinces.

This edition of “NK In & Out” also noted that electricity in Pyongyang is now on for 24 hours, under Kim Jong Il’s special order. It has been reported that Kim Jong Il ordered to provide electricity for 24 hours after he went to visit Tongil street and saw that the light was not on.

The “NK In & Out” released by NKnet includes current news involving the lives of average people inside of North Korea. The “NK In & Out” seeks to touch on realties in North Korea by reporting recent events from within North Korea, specifically regarding the economic situation on the ground, such as the price of food or commodities.
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북한이란 나라를 한 동포처럼 여기고 생각하는 한국에서 조차 침묵하는 북한의 현실에 대해 오히려 다른 나라들의 관심으로 북한인권의 실태가 알려지는게 마음이 아픕니다. 그리고 부끄럽습니다. 허나, 이렇게 해서라도 어서 빨리 북한인민들의 고통이 없어지는 날이 온다면 저역시 환하게 웃을 수 있을 거 같습니다.    | Edit | X 


DJ와 노정권의 인과응보다. 다음대선에서도 좌파가 득세하면이나라는김정일공화국이된다.정신차리자    | Edit | X 


깨어나라 한국의 지식인들이여~    | Edit | X 


이런 지식인분들이 어났으면 좋겠네요.. 정말 비겁하게도 자신의 입장 표명조차 분명하게 하지 못하는 사람들을 보고 있자니.. 정말 앞길이 막막해집니다...    | Edit | X 


비겁하다~~~~~~~~~~~~    | Edit | X 


북한인권에 대해 나도 최근에 관심을 갖게 되어 접해보았는데 지옥에서나 있을 법한 일들이 자행되는 것을 보고 눈물이 나왔다. 그 일 이 내 일입니다. 마음을 합쳐 고통받는 북한인민 빨리 구해주어야 하겠습니다.    | Edit | X 


참 좋으신 분인 것 같습니다. 미소가 정말 이쁘시네요..한국에 이분과 같은 올바른 지식인들이 더 많아졌으면 좋겠습니다^^*    | Edit | X 


비겁하다는 말이 꼭 맞습니다    | Edit | X 


왜 한국사회는 북한 인권문제에 무관심한 것일까??? 왜 ? 왜? 왜?    | Edit | X 


우리나라의 지식인이라 하는 사람들은 유독 북한의 인권문제에는 제기를 하지 않는 이유가 무엇인지....ㅡㅡ^ 이두아 변호사님과 같은 지식인이 늘어나길 바랍니다. 이두아 변호사님 호 ㅏ ㅇ ㅣ 팅!!!    | Edit | X 

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