Inter-Korea Summit Talks, Four "Amazing Strategies" of Kim Jong Il

Lee Jong Chol, NKnet  |  2007-08-14 13:42
What is Kim Jong Ils strategy to officially propose the Inter-Korea Summit Talks?

First, the Inter-Korea Summit Talks is for solidarity among the people and for domestic publicity.

The fact President Roh came to Pyongyang himself will be publicized as evidence of the fact that South Korean citizens fervently admire the Kim Jong Ils leadership who entered the status of a strong country after developing nuclear weapons.

Through this Inter-Korea Summit Talks event and the dramatic appearance, Kim Jong Il hopes to spread his breath of thinking everywhere and use this as a way to consolidate the people about his leadership. This shows that regardless of how many defectors exist and the fact that its economically hard to survive in North Korea, the South Korean president tries hard to meet with Kim Jong Il and wants Kim Jong Ils cooperation.

Secondly, North Korea is trying to gain the most during Roh Moo Hyuns administration term.

Kim Jong Il wants to receive a large gift. Because Kim Jong Il had seen enough benefits during the last four years from the current government, he wants to take an even bigger benefit before this administration ends.

However, it does not have to be cash. The Roh Moo Hyun government is already preparing for large scale economic aid and it would like to receive a detailed promise about a large scale project regarding an indirect social facility such as factories, highways, ports and solve the problem on electric power.

Thirdly, the Inter-Korea Summit Talks is an offensive mechanism to the U.S. and to estrange the U.S. from South Korea.

North Koreas main target is not South Korea but the U.S. How much plutonium North Korea reports, how they will handle the high-enriched uranium problem, what theyll do with the nuclear weapons problem and most importantly how what theyll decide the return is all dependent on negotiations with the U.S.

Kim Jong Il will repeat Kim Il Sungs words when he was alive and say, Without the U.S. policy of regarding us as an adversary state, there is no reason that we need to have nuclear arms. They will say in the following way, If there were no U.S. troops on the Korean peninsula and the U.S. had no intention of attacking us, why would we make nuclear weapons and even try to convince Roh Moo Hyun.

They will try to appeal to the National Unity and say that nuclear weapons are because of the U.S. and not related to South Korea. They will also induce sympathy as a weak state through their indignation against the U.S. that promotes anxiety and crumbles peace on the peninsula.

Fourth, the Inter-Korea Summit Talks is for the use of Victory of the anti-Grand National Party in the Presidential Election.

North Korea knows that if the authority changes to the Grand National Party (GNP), the situation will become difficult. Even Roh Moo Hyun has been trying to stop the Grand National Party powers. To block the Grand National Party in the South Korean presidential election, the cooperation of both the North and South is necessary. It is to stimulate the ideal peaceful image by creating an aura of joint prosperity and nurturing the mindset of Our People Together.

They will try to stop a traditionally conservative authority like the Grand National Party and form A Progressive Coalition of the Entire People in effort to create a presidential election structure to isolate, crush and defeat the Conservative Anti-North Korea and Anti-Peace Powers.

And if even this ends as a failure, Kim Jong Il has nothing to regret. Such is because he had already experienced enough benefits from the current government and even executed nuclear tests but the Kim Dae Jung – Roh Moo Hyun administrations are still being timid.

Kim Jong Il is officially proposing the Inter-Korea Summit Talks for the use of the above four purposes. The Inter-Korea Summit Talks is only a winning strategy for Kim Jong Il once the Roh Moo Hyun strongly removes the North Korean human rights problem, the issue of POWs and individuals kidnapped to the North, unconditional nuclear weapons deactivation. Kim Jong Il has nothing to lose in this.
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