South Korean Politicians: Strong Response Needed

Namgung Min  |  2010-01-27 16:57
South Korean lawmakers have unanimously criticized North Koreas firing of dozens of rounds from its coastal batteries in the West Sea around Baekryeong Island this morning.

A spokesperson for the Grand National Party, Cho Hae Jin said, It is a violation which is opposed to the spirit of the armistice agreement, adding, North Korea ought to know that this provocation and tension-raising is not helpful for them.

Woo Sang Ho, the spokesperson for the Democratic Party, also said in a press briefing, The Democratic Party expresses its regret at this military provocation, which will damage future inter-Korean dialogue, asserting, At this point in time when cooperative exchanges such as Kaesong and Mt. Geumgang tours are about to be resumed, these military activities will not help inter-Korean relations or peace on the Korean Peninsula.

However, he also claimed that the current, confrontational South Korean policy towards the North helped create the current situation.

Meanwhile, Park Sun Young, spokesperson for the Liberty Forward Party, emphasized, Firing towards the northern limit line (NLL) is a clear act of defiance, and the South must respond strongly to it. Strong punishment is the best prescription.
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