Sanctions Don't Stop at Six-Party Talks Door

Yang Jung A  |  2009-10-08 17:34
South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung Hwan believes that North Korea will not be able to get any relief from international sanctions simply by returning to the Six-Party Talks.

Speaking in a press briefing on Thursday, Yu moved to reassert the government position, Suspension or deferral of the implementation of the UN Security Council Resolutions will not happen just by North Korea participating in the Six-Party Talks.

He went on, After the Norths first nuclear test in 2006, UN Security Council Resolution 1718 was not implemented properly, but, this time, the Resolution will not be cancelled just because North Korea returns to the Talks.

He stressed, Japan, China and Russia, as well as South Korea and the U.S., hold the same view. It is the big way in which the international community changed after the second nuclear test.

Yu also revealed that Seoul has received the official readout of Chinese Premier Wen Jibaos visit to Pyongyang, saying, On the 6th, China reported the overall results of Wens visit to Pyongyang to us through a diplomatic channel. Although it is hard to publicize the details here, the Chinese position remains to implement Resolution 1874 fully.

Minister Yu explained further, The purpose of international sanctions on North Korea is not to sanction and regulate them, but to urge them to take irreversible steps towards denuclearization. During future negotiations, the five parties will continue to coordinate in order to faithfully abide by the UN resolution.

Minister Yu revealed, North Korea has expressed its will to negotiate with other parties as the implementation of the UN resolution continues. The Lee administration has reaffirmed that related countries intend to pursue complete North Korean denuclearization through the Six-Party Talks.

He emphasized, As long as North Koreas sincerity is still not clear, negotiations between the other five countries are getting more and more important.
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