"North Korea Will Become Nuclear State"

Kim So Yeol  |  2008-12-16 17:16
Kim Hak Song, chairman of the National Defense Committee of the National Assembly, said, North Korea may give up six or seven nuclear weapons as a tool for negotiations after the Obama administration comes into office. However, that may be only for negotiating purposes, and North Korea will be a nuclear state in the end.

At a defense forum held today at Seoul Plaza Hotel and sponsored by the Korean Institute of Defense Analysis (KIDA), Chairman Kim made his statement in a presentation under the title, Analysis of North Korean Nuclear Threat and Our Countermeasures.

Regarding the number of nuclear weapons in North Korea, Chairman Kim stated that the U.S. believes North Korea owns seven or eight nuclear weapons, while the South Korean government believes it to be six to eight or five to seven. These numbers of weapons were calculated when it was assumed that North Korea had extracted 42 kilograms of plutonium and the wisdom was that each nuclear weapon would require approximately six to seven kilograms of plutonium. However, if North Korea developed mini-nuclear weapons that required two or three kilograms of plutonium each, then it is possible that North Korea has developed more than twenty weapons.

Kim claimed that the reason why the U.S. joint military headquarter or the U.S. intelligence committee has made a comment acknowledging the North Korean nukes is because North Korean threats are viewed as substantial. In terms of defense, we need to recognize the substance of the North Korean threat and prepare ourselves he added.

He also said, South Korea failed to prevent North Korea from developing its nuclear program, therefore, we need to prevent North Korea from using the developed nuclear weapons. Why does South Korea need Black Panther tanks when North Korea possesses asymmetrical weapons such as nuclear weapons? South Korea needs to build its own defense system that will minimize losses by introducing an ultra-trace device and a precision-strike weapon system... We need to strengthen our alliance with the U.S. for nuclear deterrence.

Chairman Kim also criticized the fact that South Korea still centers its defense on the Army when modern wars center around the Navy or the Air Force, hence the requested merging of all three military academies.

If we divide responsibilities between the Army, the Navy and the Air Force then there is no future for national security. We need to unite all the military academies into one and all students need to take general education in the first and the second year, and then divide into different military sectors during the third and fourth year. That is how we can create a cooperative environment and develop collaborative defense policy he added.

Commander of the joint chiefs of staff Kim Tae Young stated during the defense committee audit last October 8th that Kim Jong Il is in the process of developing mini-nuclear warheads that can load missiles and therefore South Korea, in defense, is seeking out measures under the assumption that North Korea is able to use their nuclear weapons.
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