South Korea Hits the Polling Booths

Chris Green  |  2012-12-19 10:42
The South Korean presidential election got underway earlier this morning at 13,542 polling locations nationwide, with Democratic United Party candidate Moon Jae In looking to beat out Saenuri Party rival Park Geun Hye and end five years of conservative government.

Polls will be open from 6AM to 6PM and, with 40,464,641 people eligible to vote, the race appears set to go right to the wire. According to predictions, if more than 73% of registered voters turn out to vote then Moon Jae In will be in the driving seat. Conversely, if the turnout does not reach 70% then Park Geun Hye will be at an advantage.

The weather is not likely to help the turnout, with temperatures hitting -10C overnight.
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