No Nuke Test Until Kim Hits Beijing!

Mok Yong Jae  |  2012-10-05 16:22
A new timeframe has been suggested for any 3rd North Korean nuclear test; namely, that Pyongyang will not do so until after Kim Jong Eun has visited China.

Park Byung Kwan, a researcher with the Institute for National Security Strategy, made the claim in a report released by the Korea National Diplomatic Academy yesterday, stating, North Korea will use the postponement of a 3rd test until at least the time of a visit by Kim Jong Eun. This is a tool by which to extract additional economic and military assistance from China.

However, he went on, North Korea is currently surrounded by international objections and is not performing the test, but that does not mean there is no possibility of a test; they can do it whenever domestic considerations require.

Elsewhere, Park also added that North Korea will enjoy Chinese support for some time even after the launch of the Xi Jinping regime in Beijing.
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