No Reunification with Nuclear Weapons

Yang Jung A  |  2011-05-09 17:06
Starting a three-nation tour of Europe, President Lee Myung Bak told overseas Koreans living in Berlin this morning, The existence of nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula will impede reunification.

Reunification with nuclear weapons cannot be accepted by neighboring countries, he explained.

However, The assignment left to us is the inter-Korean problem, President Lee stressed, adding positively Even though there are many difficulties, I harbor an unshakable faith that we must bring about reunification.

He went on, I believe that (reunification must be achieved) no matter what the sacrifice, in consequence it will play a positive role in the nations revival, and bring greater prosperity.

He noted, The German Chancellor said in January, 1989 that the Berlin Wall could last for another 50 years. Yet, ten months later it collapsed.

He said, North Korea must relinquish its nuclear weapons, come out into the world, revive its economy just like China, just like Vietnam, and then let the 20 million North Korean people live at least with the minimum of happiness, continuing, Whenever North Korea comes with sincere intent, we are ready for dialogue.

Regarding the North Koreas Yeonpyeong Island and Cheonan attacks, President Lee showed no signs of wavering, saying, We demand that North Korea apologize for them. Admission of wrongdoing must occur to avoid repeating the same mistakes.
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