Denuclearization a Distant Dream

Kim So Yeol  |  2010-09-28 15:30
Dean of the School of International Studies at the University of Beijing, Professor Wang Jisi asserted today, In a situation where the incumbent political system and domestic and foreign policies of North Korea have not changed, the North Korean nuclear issue cannot be solved.

Professor Wang asserted in his speech at an event, South Korea and China Peace Forum, held by the National Unification Advisory Council in Seoul today, Fundamentally, the North Korean nuclear issue is the North Korean problem.

He analyzed, In this situation, the possibility is almost zero that pushing through economic sanctions, military threats or pursuing diplomatic negotiations will make North Korea give up its nuclear weapons.

He added, Even if the Six-Party Talks are resumed, the most optimistic result will only be a repeat of the same pattern as last years tug-of-war.

Professor Wang also gave a pessimistic analysis of current denuclearization policy, saying, North Koreas possession of nuclear weapons has become a fact; it is an irreversible situation.

Therefore, he pointed out, The international community should definitely know that it is not a matter they can find the solution to in a few years. Meanwhile, it should never acknowledge the justification given for North Koreas possession of nuclear weapons.

However, he added, The Six-Party Talks are the only channel through which they can approach North Korea directly. Consequently, the Six-Party Talks are the best of a bad lot.

He also reminded the audience of the stark differences between the South Korean stance and that of China on the North Korean nuclear issue.

He explained, Chinese officials believe that the Norths nuclear program is only aimed at the U.S. and its allies, not China, so it is not a military threat to them.

He noted, In terms of military and political stability issues, China pays much more attention to issues of Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang. They dont treat the Norths nuclear issue as a core one in Chinese diplomacy, even though it is important.
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