Denuclearization Rewards Could Equal Rumored Investment

Yang Jung A  |  2010-02-17 17:48
Han Deuk Su, the South Korean Ambassador to the U.S., predicts that the scale of economic aid North Korea could received as a reward from the international community for denuclearization might reach ten billion dollars, the same amount as that which is allegedly set to be invested in the country by a Chinese-led group.

On Wednesday, Ambassador Han told a conference held by the American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, If North Korea dismantles its whole nuclear program, international economic aid, let alone regime security, will be assured.

Regarding reports that North Korea is about to receive ten billion dollars of foreign investment, Han was quick to point out, It is not certain whether this will actually happen or not.

He went on, UN sanctions are operating and we will maintain close cooperation with related countries in the future [in order to impose those sanctions]. Money inflows into North Korea cannot reduce UN sanctions against them.

Meanwhile, regarding the news of the ten billion dollar investment, a U.S. Department of State spokesman said on Tuesday, Ive only seen one report I have no information about any such deal.

He added, The United States has been working with China and its other partners in the Six-Party Talks And China has been a supporter of the sanctions that are in place right now.
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