Imminent Six-Party Talks Unlikely

Yang Jung A  |  2010-02-10 17:34
Yu Woo Ik, South Korean Ambassador to China, has rejected speculation linking two recent high level exchanges between Chinese and North Korean officials with the impending return of North Korea to the Six-Party Talks.

Ambassador Yu, who was in Seoul to take part in a diplomats meeting today, conceded to reporters, Mutual visits between Pyongyang and Beijing imply positive movement [toward the resumption of the Six-Party Talks], but went on to say, I wouldnt impatiently presume that the Six-Party Talks will resume in short order.

Yu was referring to North Korean Vice-Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwans visit to Beijing and Leader of the International Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Wang Jiaruis visit to Pyongyang, both of which occurred in the last week.

He added, The administration and South Koreas Embassy in Beijing will continue to carefully observe these moves and evaluate them positively.

There are many things to discuss in advance of any resumption (of the Talks), and we need to bear both countries situations in mind, he explained to reporters.

Regarding the role of the Chinese government in reconvening the Six-Party Talks, Yu asserted, Since the suspension of the Six-Party Talks, China has been making an effort to resume them as the chair country. They have been playing the role of cooperating with the other five parties, joining forces with our administration.

Yet some say that China is only paying lip service to international demands, simply pretending to be a member of the international community. Yu disagrees, though, saying today, It could be seen like that because of the special relationship between China and North Korea, but I believe China is cooperating amicably with international society.

Since Chinas influence has risen, they have to take responsibility for following international regulations and principles. China admits this explicitly.
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