Missile Launch Would Deepen North Korea's Isolation

Kim So Yeol  |  2009-02-13 10:46
While the possibility of a North Korean long range missile launch rises, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Yu Myung Hwan revealed, Given the likelihood of sanctions on North Korea after a potential missile launch, it cannot be beneficial for them.

At a press briefing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Thursday, Minister Yu said, North Korea launched a long-range missile in 1998 and several missiles in 2006. It is forbidden according to the U.N. Security Council Resolution passed in July and October, 2006, so North Korea will bring isolation upon itself if it carries out another one.

He warned, If North Korea launches missiles, it will be a serious threat to inter-Korean relations and security in Northeast Asia.

He reminded the press of the first telephone conversation immediately after the inauguration of President Obama, saying, Both South Korea and the U.S are making a common effort to solve the North Korean nuclear issue. The Presidents agreed in the telephone conversation that close cooperation is important to solve the Norths nuclear problems.

He said, We will hold in-depth negotiations on the verification protocol and other details as soon as the State Department official in charge of this issue is designated. He explained additionally the results of the recent foreign ministers meetings with Japan, saying that, We both acknowledged and reaffirmed the utility of the Six Party Talks and will help each other closely to bring about progress.
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