South Korean Movies Are Harmful to Teenagers in North Korea

Moon Sung Hwee, from Jagang in 2006  |  2008-03-19 14:36
It was reported that a few of North Korean teenagers made social troubles by mimicking scenes from the adult movies which originated from South Korea.

Two middle school students who perform a sexual act in the woods while they were participating in a tree-planting campaign on the 2nd March, an arbor day in North Korea. After these two were found out by a teacher and some students, the authorities indicated to investigate students private life and take a measure about it, a source from North Hamgyung Province said in a phone conversation with Daily NK on the 12th.

Another source who lives in Hwoiryeong also reported same event. Recently there was an order to probe students and to prevent them from watching VCDs from the South, the source said.

These students reportedly watched movies from South Korea, mimicked what they saw in the movies, and did wanton behaviors. After the result of this investigation was revealed, students and their parents were regulated more strictly. the source said.

North Korea education system is formed of 6-year of senior-middle schools which is equal to the combination of the middle school and high school in South Korea. Students can graduate middle school when they turn into 17 year-old, and from this moment they can be officially acknowledged as an adult.

Since this event, the censorship which consists of agencies from Party and the administration of justice is investigating every middle school student about the number of the South Korean movies they have watched, the source said. Through this inspection, the censor even confiscate VCR machines and television devices from the students who had watched South Korean movies, and in the worst case, the parents of these students were received the penalty of labor-training corps,

In related with this, it is reported that to buy a CD for one movie or soap opera from South Korea costs 3,000 North Korean won (approx. USD0.9). Usually North Korean people do watch far more movies than soap operas. It is because movies can be stored in one CD but soap operas need many. The source said.

According to the source, the CD smugglers are widely circulating illegal South Korean CDs. These are directly sold to teenagers and most of the movies' genres are known to be the horror, adult, comedy and gangster movies.

There is rating systems to indicate the possible age to watch these films in South Korea but nobody follows this in North Korea, the source said. Even teenagers are watching adult movies with friends and they imitate certain behaviors in these movies,

The source relayed that Some middle school students drink alcohols in group and behave in disorder, these days, people said that this is influences from South Korean movies.

Even though people in the North know that South Korea is economically developed country, they tend to think the Souths society negatively. The Korean society in the movies is described as too abnormal and horrible. Who can possibly live in such a world? The source indicated that there have been growing the alarming atmosphere about obscene culture of South Korea.
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