"Sunshine Policy Ends with Nuclear Armament, not North Korea's Development"

Jeong Jae Sung  |  2007-11-20 18:18
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[imText1]Grand National Party Presidential candidate Lee Myung Bak said on the 19th, "North-South Koreas' economic cooperation will be resolved after the nuclear resolution. A peace agreement can only take place after the nuclear issue is resolved."

Candidate Lee participated in "The 17th Presidential Elections Debate" held by the Broadcast Reporters' Club and stipulated that "If Mr. Lee Hoi Chang thoroughly reviewed our policy on North Korea, there would not have been any problems. For South Korea, "democracy" and "market economy" is the true national character," wiping out the concerns of Korean conservatives.

Candidate Lee's statement is an active elucidation on controversial points suggested by Mr. Lee Hoi Chang as his moral obligation for his running as a candidacy, especially about Lee Myung Bak's political identification and his policy on North Korea.

Candidate Lee's elucidating statement was made in response to controversial points mentioned by Mr. Lee Hoi Chang. Lee Hoi Chang has reasoned his criticisms of Lee Myong Park by stating it is his moral obligation as a presidential candidate to scrutinize Lee Myong Pak's political identity and policies on North Korea.

Candidate Lee replied to the question on "whether or not the Inter-Korea Summit Talks' results will be fulfilled," "It is generally hard to say. It is beneficial for the North and South Korean heads to meet on principle and discuss the abandonment of nuclear weapons."

He further emphasized, "What is of concern is that we have to be clear about what kind of large-size projects really have connections to nuclear abandonment and what kind of information is available regarding financial procurement through the Declaration of the Summit. Projects that require large-scale finances have to have the citizens' consent."

He also worried, "If we carry on projects in a situation where North Korean nuclear abandonment has not been carried out, that can have a negative effect on sustaining the Six-Party Talks and can even acknowledge nuclear weapons."

In regards to the sunshine policy of the last 10 years, he said, "In order to open North Korea, our intent was to thaw the North, but we could not and ended up with nuclear armament. Rather than accepting the sunshine policy as it is, what is more important is to make North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons."

Further, he emphasized the concept of his "Vision 3000: Denuclearization and Openness" by saying, "If North Korea abandons nuclear weapons and enters open and reform, South Korean enterprises will invest in the North. I am holding onto the principle of economic freedom through not only South Korea's investment, but also the investment of many other countries."

He also said regarding the West Sea's Northern Limit Line reestablishment issue, "The NLL will be sustained until reunification. Without this, there will be more obstacles to peace."

In regards to establishing a North-South Korean Joint Fishing Area, he said, "Currently, it can be used 2 miles rear of the NLL. If North Korean fishing boats can come within the two-mile line and fish, their profit will rise and the North could probably prevent Chinese ships from coming in and overfishing."

Candidate Lee said regarding the possibility of a solidarity with independent candidate Lee Hoi Chang, "Lee Hoi Chang ran for office with one or two reasons, so without them, the edge of his candidacy will also disappear. The door is always open."
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